About Us

Agricultural Materials Company is part of Agrimatco Group.

Who are we

Agricultural Materials Company is part of Agrimatco Group.

Agrimatco’s global presence spans the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, central Asia, China and Vietnam,
securing its position as an indispensable partner in the industry.

Agrimatco’s mission is to deliver science and technology to its customers.

Agrimatco’s mission started with its visionary founder the late Khalil Miqdadi at Palestine in 1936. His enterprise was built to serve farmers and provide them with the best materials to enhance their production. The founder’s driving passion in the field of agriculture extends to reach Qatar in 1978.
Since 1978 we maintain a tradition of excellence by providing expert assistance and high-quality materials from renowned supplies, catering to every farmer.


To be a leading provider of farming inputs and services to farmers in our areas of operation.



To improve quality and increase the quantity of farm production through delivering science and technology to local farmers.




Agrimatco maintains a tradition of excellence by continuing to provide expert services and high quality materials from renowned supplies.

Catering to every farmer’s need and maintaining a solid understanding of varied cultures and local values.

Over the last seventy years, Agrimatco’s services have extended to include providing all types of seeds,
agrochemicals, fertilizers, veterinary and public health products in addition to farm tools and equipment.

Agrimatco’s drive to accommodate all requirements has placed it in the position of choice distributor for most of the key international suppliers, who rely on Agrimatco’s integral position in the market and reliable after-sale support.

We are supplying and providing technical support for public health chemicals such as rodenticides and household insecticides.

Also we are conducting seminars to give technical information and support for the end users of our public health products.

Agrimatco’s unique success includes direct communication with customers, subsequently identifying their needs
and working methodically to meet those needs. Teams of expert agronomists are works to provide extended services
based on their deep insight into local agriculture, through regularly consulting in the field, agronomists provide their
input to farmers on a case-by-case basis, as well as forwarding markets feedback to suppliers creating a two-way knowledge stream.

In providing this free service, Agrimatco has achieved great results in raising awareness, strengthening partnership with local clientele, leading to enhanced overall performance and production.

We are the major supplier to the Governmental Ministries and Municipalities, and agricultural departments which
we regularly won by participating in tenders/projects.